Never under estimate power of efforts.

The world throbs for the results, the mere outcomes. And in the lines of results, the efforts become seamless and the efforts with no results are left off with no identity.

If there are three outcomes of a problem :

  1. Efforts with results.
  2. Efforts with no results.
  3. No efforts with no results.

In theory, big people/ entrepreneurs/ leaders/ managers talk all the way about efforts but when it come to practicality for them, Point 2 & 3 boils down with the same meaning i.e. “NO RESULTS”. I am not sure if its problem of your manager, manager of your manager or the founder of company or the president of country where the company runs but for sure shot, this is the problem somewhere in the system.

We grew up hearing the success stories of big entrepreneurs/ industrialists/ business tycoons but do you know of someone who has failed a lot, a lot of times and still trying today with the hope of working things out. I second NOT. If that person will succeed, the journals/ news/ print media will be flooded with the manipulative success stories behind. The journey of failures is always lonely and solicit.

In the chime of success and the results, the efforts often left unnoticed. And something with a lot of efforts with no results are always unnoticed within an organisation, a workplace or anywhere.

But you know if you look at the other side of coin, you may realise that from a person who has failed more , you may learn more than you could ever imagine. But it’s difficult to find those people. How would we find them since they are always left unnoticed :( !!

The power of consistency, the epitome of patience, stamina, willpower to pick it up again or the thousand new ways of trying after each failure, starting from square 1 and falling back, the abyss humbleness of praising the efforts of others.. Ahh, you may not be able to learn these things from a person who succeeded in one shot.

The learning takeaway is “Please equally respect the genuine efforts of people even if there are no results, boost them up, value the power of efforts whether you are a leader, a mentor, a venture capitalist, a serial entrepreneur orThe President.

The power of efforts is always more than the mere results.