Is religion something that segregates right from wrong, justice from injustice, myths from reality, human from god, power from misery, victory from failure?Or Hinduism from muslim, Christianity from Jews, Buddhism from Islam?

Lets travel time. Lets go sometime back in time. Time of our ancestors, the chimps. Archaelogists say chimpanzees…

The world throbs for the results, the mere outcomes. And in the lines of results, the efforts become seamless and the efforts with no results are left off with no identity.

If there are three outcomes of a problem :

  1. Efforts with results.
  2. Efforts with no results.
  3. No efforts with…

I will briefly explain the concepts of openCL in the form of question and answers. I will also be listing the references in the end of some videos and texts which I have referred to learn basics of the openCL.

  • Based on C99
  • Computationally intensive
  • Data-parallelism (same operation on different…

We always need some helper functions to develop our code faster and rather work on the main logic part of the question.

Here are some functions which comes handy. I will keep on adding more helper functions which you can quickly use while development.

Common functions in C/C++

  • char *strerror(int…

Here are some quick C++ tips for C++ enthusiasts cum developers which you can definitely use in your code practices. I have learnt them over my practicing and coding in c++.

Some C++ code tips :

  • Use constexpr instead of macros, they are safer.
  • In a C++ class, public followed…

C++-11 References

Important Links:

Cheat Sheet

Important Note:

l-value: For practical purposes, any expression whose address can be referenced is an l-value.

r-value: Any expression which is not an l-value.

X& x; // This is an lvalue-reference or normal reference and can bind only to l-values.

const X&…

Debugging forms the most important part for the C++ developers. Specially, when there is memory leak or your program is taking too long than you are expecting, you need a friend to help you out. So, profiling tools are your rescuer.

Program Profiling Tools

Profiling (“program profiling”, “software profiling”) is…

There is no STL library in C++ for using the disjoint set data structures which can be used predominantly for problems like finding minimum spanning trees, cycle detection algorithms, Minimum set problem etc.

I have implemented the data structure which can be used directly while making the focus on the…

A girl grows in maidenhood,

Innocuous, clean-handed in rosewood;

Her glowing glimpse transports ecstasy,

Captive smile pours engrossed fantasy.

Pacified under the god’s aegis,

A sudden thunder caught her in worldly wages;


Her dreams, her desires overly ambitious,

Lead the world as will become sumptuous.

Her actions and activities…

The big challenge is how should I align up my thoughts?

I sometimes feel overburdened, messy with a lot of thoughts striking my mind all at same time?

Sometimes I think about human life, sometimes about growing world, changing world, what technology is doing in making world a better place, human evolution, thinkers and a lot more things.

If I talk…

Surbhi Jain

Engineer @ Google | Technology Enthusiast | IIT Delhi | Computer Science

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